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At Cura Therapy we are driven to get you pain free.

Whether you are suffering from a sport or non-sport related injury we are here to help.

Our emphasis is on a hands on approach to complement an exercise rehabilitation program where necessary. The rehabilitation programs are tailored to individual needs and their purpose is to get you back to your day to day activities with ease.

Our aim is to offer a professional service in a comfortable and friendly environment. We want to give you the best experience.


Our Rehabilitation Program



Sports therapy can be highly effective in relieving all types of musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain. The first step of the rehabilitation program is to improve dysfunction and encourage tissue healing.

We understand that exercise rehabilitation can be challenging when you have an acute injury therefore we can use passive pain-relieving modalities such as Ultrasound, TENS units, Massage Therapy, Joint Mobilisations, Kinesiology Taping and Dry Needling. These modalities will alleviate pain symptoms and get you ready for an exercise program. 


Muscle strains, joint sprains or sports injuries can significantly reduce your range of motion.

Once the initial pain and  symptoms have been relieved and you are ready to progress to the next stage of your rehabilitation, we then prescribe a range of exercises to restore and improve your range of motion. Range of motion exercises can be passive, where instead of the client, the therapist moves the limb or the body part around the stiff joint. Active range of motion exercises are done by the client under the therapist’s supervision.

These can also be prescribed to you as a home-based program.


Once your range of motion is restored, the next phase of our rehabilitation program is to help you return to optimal form and full function.

Our main goal is to help you return to the same activities you were doing before the injury occurred. Whether you injured yourself walking or playing sports, this stage of your rehabilitation aims to renew muscular strength and endurance, giving you the ability to do general activities without fatiguing.

Muscular strength and endurance helps to reduce the risk of injury. Building muscular strength involves working a group of muscles against resistance.



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